March 7, 2015

A Bedroom Update with Closet Curtains

I am STILL in the process of putting the finishing touches on our bedroom.  The last time I had posted about it, I had just added some really cheap window treatments to the windows.  They are holding up really well. You can read about that here...

Easy closet curtains

What I had been fighting with, was what I was going to use for closet doors.  When we moved in we took the doors off the closets because they were weird and bulky. (We actually used those doors for matching his and hers work-space in our garage.)

I've always loved the look of curtains on closets.  So I went with the same curtains I used on the windows.

February 28, 2015

Washi Tape Fridge Frame

I'm horrible with photos.  Especially the school pictures that come home each year.  I'm just not big into having a bunch of framed photos laying all over my house. But I wanted to do something with my daughter's school photos.

So I got a bit creative with washi tape and a piece of drop cloth.

February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Wreath - Tutorial

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  It's 9 degrees (feels like -11) here in Wisconsin :(  A couple of minutes ago it was snowing.  But I'm determined not to let that get in the way of a nice day with my hubby! 

I promised I would share a tutorial on how I made my own Valentine's Day Wreath, so that's what I'm here to do today.  I actually got the idea and instructions for this wreath from Linda @ It All Started With Paint. You can check out her tutorial if you like. It's a bit more detailed. If you want a quick overview....keep reading...

January 10, 2015

My Valentine's Day DIY Wreath

Back before I had this blog -- and waay before I did anything DIY -- I never had wreaths.  They just seemed like a waste of money.  Fast forward a few years -- and I still think they are a waste of money. 

They are almost free if you make them AND much more personal.  

I'll give you a tutorial once I have the time to write the post.  Until then....I wanted to share my cute DIY Valentine's Day Wreath with all of you.

DIY Valentine's Day Wreath

DIY Valentine's Day Wreath

Till next time....happy VDay crafting!

Children's Chore Chart - Using Bottle Caps

For as long as I can remember, I've struggled with having an efficient chore chart for my daughter, Devyn.  I've tried everything from popsicle sticks in a jar to hand written charts.  But they just didn't stick because a) they weren't visible enough or b) I got too busy to keep updating them.

Through trial and error, we have found that having them VERY visible for everyone is key.  And it has to be something I don't have to create every week. 

One of my favorite projects is with bottle caps and magnets.  So I asked Devyn and she thought it was a great idea to use bottle cap magnets for the chart.  She even helped make them with me.

Bottle Cap Chore Chart

I printed off a bunch of chores on a regular sheet of printer paper.  Cut them out using a quarter for the template. And modge podged them to the bottle caps. We added magnets to the back and stuck them on the fridge.

Bottle Cap Chore Chart

Devyn came up with the great idea to use washi tape as the dividers and popsicle sticks for the titles.

Bottle Cap Chore Chart

The top chores are voluntary and worth $. The bottom are chores that have to be done throughout the week.  When she finishes them they go to the "done' side. This way, we can all see her progress and she knows exactly what is expected of her.

Bottle Cap Chore Chart

It sort of looks like a christmas present with the red washi tape.  Don't you think?

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January 7, 2015

Window Treatments On A Budget

Well, I'm home from work today with the kiddo.  It is supposed to get down to -36 degrees with the wind chill.  The hubby braved it....I hope he makes it home ok tonight.  He has a 45 minute drive.
One of my recent projects has been our master bedroom windows.

Our bedroom has lacked those "final touches" since we moved in.  I knew curtains would pull the room together -- even if they weren't $200 plus dollars.  I'm sorry, but I just can't justify paying that kind of money for something that just hangs there. But that's me.

Cheap Window Treatments

 I did a quick google search on "DIY Curtains" and "DIY Curtain Rods" and came up with a ton of ideas.  In the end, I did something completely different.

Here is our room "before" the curtains. (Not the actual before before.  I will post that soon!) I could have probably tidied our bed a bit, but that didn't happen.  The room just looks bare and a bit bachelor.  Wouldn't you agree?

I went to Target and found cheap Cafe Rods for $3.00 a piece and sheer curtains for $5.00 a piece.   I thought sheer would soften the room a bit without making it too girly.  I wanted my husband to like the room too :)

Cheap Window Treatments from Target

I even hung the cafe rods myself.  Normally I have my husband do that stuff for me, but I figure I need to start doing these things myself :)  Plus, he gave me his old power drill after he got a new one.  Probably a little hint.....haha.

For just under $20.00, our bedroom finally looks pulled together.  

Excuse the dog.  He doesn't care if he photo bombs or not. 

I have more decorating to do in this room as well as adding curtains to our closet doors.  So stay tuned for another reveal!  This room is like night and day from what it was when we moved in.

January 3, 2015

The Best of MY 2014

What a year.  I'd like to present a ton of awesome project roundups for you....but the year wasn't spent on as many blog posts or DIY Projects as I would have liked.  Instead, I spent the entire first part of the year gearing up for our wedding day.  It was super awesome....and definitely the best part of my 2014.

Soon I will post more about this day with a roundup of everything DIY.  It's just hard to post about things so personal....but I'm going to try to let loose a bit more in 2015 :) Promise :)


After the big day....of course...there was our honeymoon in Myrtle Beach.  Totally awesome.

We went with my bff and her hubby.  They are native's to Myrtle Beach and they showed us a good time :)  

Then there were a couple of DIY projects after all of the wedding/honeymoon stuff settled down...

Painted Floor

Pattern Painted Coffee Table

It was definitely a year to remember.  
So here's to a project/blog post filled 2015!! I can't wait...there are so many things I have planned :)