December 14, 2011

DIY Chalk Painted Dresser

Last weekend I refinished a dresser in chalk paint -- DIY Chalk Paint. The entire experience was actually pretty laid back….and I am excited to do my next dresser using this same DIY Chalk Paint!

Chalk Painted Dresser

I had never actually used real chalk paint but I heard it’s amazing. Only problem is that you can’t buy it just any old place and there isn’t a dealer close to me. Not to mention the stuff doesn’t exactly fit into my thrifty budget. So I sought out the next best thing.
Making my own.
I used the recipe Sharon used over at Elizabeth and Co. 

What you’ll need is:
- Plaster of Paris (found at Home Depot: $7 for 3lb).
- Paint of your choice (I used Martha Stewart: $10).
- A bucket of some sort to mix them (I used an old gallon ice cream bucket: $0).
- A paint stick for mixing (get at Home Depot while you are getting the plaster and paint: $0).

DIY Chalk Paint Ingredients

 The recipe calls for one part Plaster of Paris to two parts paint. I actually just eyeballed the measurements…like I do when I make pancakes :)  The paint becomes thicker and gritty. Perfecto!

DIY Chalk Paint

Then we have the dresser…I picked it up over the summer and paid a whopping $15.
No kidding.

I love dressers like these. They look really nice painted.

Chalk Painted Dresser

It’s actually in pretty good condition other then the dust graffiti all over the top.

I simply took the drawers out, took the hardware off, wiped all the surfaces down with a damp cloth and then got to painting. There was no sanding or priming involved.

That’s the beauty of chalk paint. Love it.

I applied two coats of paint. It went on really smooth. The drying time is considerably less then with regular paint so I was able to do the second coat right after I finished the first coat. Then I let it sit overnight.
The next morning I got my sandpaper out and started in on distressing. If you don’t want to ruin your hands or if you don't have an electric sander, you could use a damp cloth and wipe your way to a distressed look.
Once the distressing was finished I applied a coat of poly. I just did one coat and let that dry the rest of the day.

DIY Chalk Painted Dresser

Doesn't the hardware look great? It's just two coats of brushed bronze spray paint. And it looks amazing.

DIY Chalk Painted Dresser

I’m really liking in love with the finished product! It doesn’t even look like the same dresser.
What a huge difference some paint and a weekend can make….

What do you think? I have to say that I will be using more homemade chalk paint in some upcoming projects. I absolutely love this stuff!

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  1. it looks so lovely- the distressing is perfect!

  2. Looking good...thanks for sharing it at my party...NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAY!!!


  3. Thanks ladies! I had fun with this project :)

  4. You did a Fabulous job on this piece! Love it:) thanks Deidre~

  5. Still lovin this:) Deidre~

  6. I love this..great job!


  7. ohhhh this turned out so so so great!!!! what an amazing transformation! I bet you are going crazy wanting to refinish a bunch of other stuff now!!??!! :o) yayyy I am so excited that you are having fun painting!

  8. I love this! I'm so going to try your chalk paint recipe. I'm tagging this now! It looks like we started blogging around the same time... I'm your newest follower. Please check out if you get a chance!

  9. Anonymous5/01/2012

    Awesome! I was trying to find tutorials on this since I saw a lot of it for sale in Houston, Tx but with flight regulations I was unsure if this would make it through security. All the search engines show chalkboard paint results. ANYHOW, thanks !!!

  10. I'm going to have to try that recipe! I think I will start small though since I have never used chalk paint. You did a wonderful job on this dresser though!

    visiting from Sundae Scoop

    1. It's much easier to use then regular paint! No sanding required!!! And dries much faster. Good luck!!!

  11. Love the finished look. I have been making my own chalk paint like this for quite a while now and I too am in love with it. I also really like to add a dark stain from Minwax (jacobean is my fave) over the paint. It really adds a richness that is out of this world. You might try it sometime. :) Lovin your blog

    1. Sherry, yes I love the look of stain over paint! I started painting furniture and distressing them that way! I haven't done it in awhile though!

  12. Anonymous6/02/2014

    What would cause the mixture to have tiny grit in it? I mixed 4 cups paint, 2 cups plaster of paris, toward the end of painting the first coat I got the grit showing up. Did I mix too much at a time and it started to lump up? Once it dries can I sand it out....

  13. Anonymous7/23/2015

    Hello why did you use poly as a finish instead of wax? trying to decide what to finish a similar piece with, thanks!

  14. what was the name of the colur of white paint you used?


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