April 27, 2012

Popcorn Tin Upcycle

For awhile now my bathroom trash cans have been screaming for an update. For longer than awhile actually. 

I just didn’t really want to go buy new ones. If I did, then I’d have to buy all the matching accessories. And to be honest, I am at a stage where I’m not sure if I’ll keep one style around very long.

So I started looking around for ideas. And THIS is what caught my eye…

But at $24.00 (shipping not included in price) I knew I could make something similar myself – and for much less. Do you ever say that??? I find myself saying that a lot :)

I got some inspiration from Deanna @ It's Just Me with this cute little popcorn tin she turned into cat food storage.


I see these popcorn tins everywhere, but when I want one I can’t find a single one. I had to put the word out to my family in case they had one laying around that they didn’t want.

My grandpa came to my rescue with this John Deere canister.


It took 3 coats of Krylon spray paint and….


Now it’s the perfect trash can!




The only cost associated with this was the can of spray paint. I ended up being able to do two others so it cost $9 for 3 trash cans.

I have one left that I am going to turn into storage for dog food.

When I get on a kick, I really go all out ;)

April 24, 2012

Junky Pillow Makeover

I’ve talked about making new pillows for months. Literally. I’m kind of obsessed -- but only in my head {ya sorta have to make them or buy them to get it out of your head right??} Weird.

So I did it. FINALLY.


In order to appreciate these pillows, you have to see what I started with…


I’m sorry but they’ve seen better days. Not to mention they do NOT match the rest of the living room (not shown…but will soon!)

Being the cost conscious person that I am, I decided to split them up and make multiple pillow forms – like this….


Have you looked at the prices of pillow forms? I’m sorry…but FREE puts a smile on this girls face ;)


I just cut them in half, and sewed them shut. The idea came from Linda @ it all started with paint. She has some amazing projects!

{Check out my mint 1976 Singer sewing machine. My grandmother gave me this for christmas and I adore it. No LOVE it.}


I sewed a cover…..



These are much better than what I started with. And much cheaper than store bought pillows. Oh…and did I mention the added satisfaction of knowing I did them? ;)

{I was able to incorporate the last of my flower fabric used on my craigslist lamp makeover project seen here.}

Here’s my little man Duncan. Pillow-making is a tiring process ;)


Well…that’s that. I can now say that I’ve sewn my own pillows.


 Total cost for the two white pillows -- $5. YESSSS!

Happy blogging!

April 22, 2012

A Stuffed Animal Organizer Up-Cycle

Hello everyone. Happy Sunday! I hope you had a great weekend :)

I’m excited to share my recent creation. A stuffed animal organizer. This organizer up-cycle only took 7 years, but I finally have my daughters stuffed animal collection under control. {For those of you who have children, you will know that stuffed animals are a BIG DEAL.}


The thought of spending money on this sort of sickened me though…I’ve been trying to just toss these things for a couple of years to begin with.


The collection used to be much larger, but I have been able to get rid of a few here and there without her noticing.


I checked my linen closet and found a bed skirt that I’ve never used.


I cut off the outer green edge.


I sewed the edges in order to get rid of the unevenness from cutting {not shown}.

I didn’t have a set plan. If all else failed, I’d just wrap them all up in it and stuff it in her closet ;) But we found space on the end of her bed.


I felt an immediate since of satisfaction. There was no need to try anything else. I just tied it to the end of her bed and it looked like it was meant to be there.


Can you believe ALL of those stuffed animals are in this thing??? Amazing!!


Be careful with this if you have real small children. My daughter wanted to get in it right away ;)



Her room is a work in progress, but I think it’s starting to come together a little. What do you think? I have yet to paint her furniture and make her a cover for her comforter. We are debating on colors…


This stuffed animal organizer up-cycle literally cost me ZERO dollars. I already had the material and nothing else was used other than my sewing machine and my time :)
Hope you enjoyed this post :)

Have a great week!

April 15, 2012

Ball Jar Soap Dispenser

I finally did it. I swapped out my ugly dish soap container for a nice decorative ball jar.


It might seem petty, but I’ve been cheesing all day on this one. So simple and yet, now my dish soap is glamorous. It’s the small things in life I guess ;)


Well….off to do some dishes and admire the days work :)


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