April 20, 2013

House Tour & I Was Featured

I was going to post our flooring pictures today, but I thought it would be more appropriate to give you a house tour first. That and the flooring didn't come along as well as we had planned. BUT it's been a learning process and next time, we will hire a flooring company to refinish hardwoods!

We got the house at a steal. Which is super exciting for me as the updating it needs isn't all that extreme. Luckily we have two months left on our rental lease, so I'm sure our schedules are going to be booked until then in order to get it ready. BUT.... I don't mind, this is right up my alley. 

We will start with the living room. I'm not sure what the previous owners were thinking, but the paint job and carpet are horrible. This picture doesn't really show the uneven paint application on the red wall. All we need to do in this room is paint, put up new trim, and redo the flooring.

The bathroom is super outdated but there is potential there. The flooring is a nice ceramic tile but everything else has to go. 

Master bedroom. Needs paint, flooring, and new trim. The ceiling fan is actually nice...so that will stay.  (The room is a lot larger then it looks in this picture). 

The second bedroom needs paint, flooring, trim, and a ceiling light fixture. 

Here is the third bedroom. Also known as my craft room. Needs paint, flooring, trim, and new ceiling fixture. 

The kitchen....I'm undecided about what to do here.  The flooring is a nice ceramic tile with no imperfections. The cabinets are solid oak. The ceiling fixture is newer. I think we will just paint this room and get appliances for now. 

All of these things will be done in the next two months. It will be like moving into a new house! I can't wait to start showing the before and after pictures to you! 

And before I sign off....I'm super excited to announce that my Spindle Leg End Table Redo post was featured at Roadkill Rescue! 

I love Beckie's blog...it's the perfect place to stop when looking for furniture redo ideas! Seriously!  Head over there and check out the roadkill post here!!

April 16, 2013

House News and A Sneak Peak

We finally got our house! And I'm so excited to share this with you that I couldn't wait any longer. To prove it...I'm posting from my phone! I haven't been home enough in the last few days to upload photos to my laptop, so this will have to do.

Here's a sneak peak at our first project --- refinishing the hardwoods. Can you believe these were hidden under carpet?!? I can't!
....be sure to come back later in the week for a full post!

April 12, 2013

The Spindle Leg End Table Redo - Before & After

I'm always amazed at how simple it is to spruce up my home with little effort. I guess it helps that I love painting furniture and re-purposing other odds & ends, but I sometimes can't believe it can be so cheap & easy. 

Take this little end table for example (...and this, this, & this). I think I paid $10 for it awhile back at a local thrift store. Ten bucks isn't too bad when you know it can look $50+. 

My before picture is embarrassing  I had this in my bathroom unprotected from moisture for the last year and it was pretty gross.  It's obvious I store my toilet paper rolls on the bottom shelf...Aaannd never dust. 

I had purchased some black Behr paint at Home Depot awhile back also. It was interior paint and not flat...so I bought it. I think it was $2.50 for a quart. This was the first project I used it on and I must say I love it. It's the ultra premium. I also used it on my black dresser redo - check that out here.

My favorite part about this little end table is the spindly legs. They are a pain to paint, but it is totally worth it.

I finished this end table with an Anne Sloan Clear Wax application and she was good to go.  The wax really helps protect it against the moisture in my bathroom. Now I just have to remember to dust it once in awhile. 

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April 4, 2013

Scrapbook Bottle Cap Magnet Creations

Bottle cap make overs are the coolest thing. Here is a sneak peak at what can be created with those leftover caps that would otherwise go in the trash. Perfect elegance I tell you :))


It’s like eye candy for me. I want to save all the caps I use/find and make them into beautiful magnets for the fridge. These beauties are definitely going there…


….in fact….
…they already have Winking smile


Have you used bottle caps in any of your projects? If so, I would love to see!