March 13, 2013

The Painted Wooden Tool Caddy

Hello to all my blog friends! What a great day here in the Midwest! Thanks to some sunshine and an extra hour of light after work…I can feel spring coming on! Bring it!!!

It must’ve been the extra hour of light, because I was all about getting this little caddy ready for use. Isn’t it adorable?


This little guy can be used for sooo many different things!

the real after



A cute little caddy for perfumes. I especially like how this looks.


A cute little caddy for craft supplies/tools. I used ASCP, so of course I was able to use chalk to write all over it Smile If you like this paint color, I also used it on and end table you can read about here.

This tool caddy also poses as a cute little decorative piece…for wherever in the home.


And the best part? I purchased this wooden tool caddy at my local Salvation Army Thrift Store, for a whopping $.79.  SEVENTY-NINE CENTS PEOPLE!!!

In case you are curious, as always, here is a before….

the before

Not too bad….but waaaay better now.


I love cheap DIY projects that spruce up the home. Once we get moved into our house, this is going in my craft room. YES…I am getting an entire room to devote to my craftiness. I can’t wait to get to organizing it!

Anndddd….In case you are wondering, we close on our house next Friday! I can’t wait!!

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  1. Ooooo 79 cents!! I feel like that could be a line in the Thrift Shop song. lol I love it! So much cuter than the typical plastic or wire baskets you see for that type of stuff.

  2. bahahaha!!! For sure on the Thrift Shop song! :)

  3. Cute project and and looks so much better than the plastic one that I have! It is cheaper than the plastic one too!! Thanks for visiting my blog----following you now too!

  4. I need one of these! Will definitely be keeping my open when I thrift for one to paint. Have a great weekend! -- Jan

    1. Thanks Jan! Definitley try the Salvation Army if you have one close!

  5. Love your little toolbox. What a great price!!! I have several myself and the possibilities are endless, aren't they, with what you can do with them.

    Nice visiting with you this morning.


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