March 7, 2015

A Bedroom Update with Closet Curtains

I am STILL in the process of putting the finishing touches on (our whole house) our bedroom.  The last time I had posted about it, I had just added some really cheap window treatments to the windows.  They are holding up really well. You can read about that here...

What I had been fighting with, was what I was going to use for closet doors.  When we moved in we took the doors off the closets because they were weird and bulky. (We actually used those doors for matching his and hers work-space in our garage.)

I've always loved the look of curtains on closets.  So I went with the same curtains I used on the windows.  

Closet Curtains

Notice the bombing my shoot AGAIN.....

Closet Curtains

Yes, the curtains are sheer.  And yes, they don't completely conceal what's in the closets.....BUT they do make the room look put together.  And for cheap, so I don't really care that I can see through them a bit.

Closet Curtains

 I love it.  

Now I just have to work on the other wall that is behind me.  It has our dresser, tv, etc. And a bed  makeover.  I'll post that when I figure out what to do with it! Have a great weekend :)