June 20, 2017

Electrical Wooden Spool DIY Patio Table

Thrifty, easy and cheap are a mainstay concept around here.  As long as it’s cheap and ends up looking cute, I’m all for it.  Take this patio table idea for example.  We had gotten a ton of these (for free) for our wedding three years ago. We kept a couple to use as outdoor tables.  And while leaving them au natural is awesome, I decided to stain the one we wanted to use for our backyard patio. 

June 14, 2017

Farmhouse Kitchen Table

I cannot believe it’s been over two years since my last post. (WTH???) I swear I’ve been meaning to update this blog, it’s just that somehow time got away from me.  I do have some blog post material lined up from those two years… one being some kitchen updates (DIY of course!) and an overall house before and after.   

With the two year MIA stint came some new updates in our lives as well. I can’t wait to share what has been going on, but I will leave that to future posts! In the meantime, I have a cute little table redo to share with you.

Enjoy J

Painted table