Hey there....I'm Jessica, the creator of The Junk Nest. 

This blog started awhile back, when I was on a mission.  I desperately wanted to give my furniture an update, but didn't have a very large budget. Ok -- there was NO budget. And the majority of my furniture consisted of scuffed up, mismatching, laminate, particale board peices. I hated it.

So I set out on a mission to see what I could do to make my furniture match AND have a "higher-end" feel. I found a blog that explained how to paint laminate furniture -- and I was set.  Little did I know that this would be the start of a very intense addiction passion I know have for refinishing/repurposing furniture and other household items.

I love to paint. I just don't really enjoy painting pictures.  I found that painting furniture and knick-knacks to be just the right form of painting for me :) Each peice is different and can be anything I want. And the end result is always fabulous, even if it isn't perfect.

I hope you enjoy my blog and all of the projects I share here. I love comments so please feel free to drop a line...anytime!