October 31, 2013

TJN Projects You Loved In OCTOBER

October starts the first "TJN Projects You Loved In..." series. I'm excited to share with you the projects that everyone loved the most each month.  And what better month to start this then October!  Oddly enough, there are no Halloween projects here....

What project is your favorite?? Is there anything you would like to see more of?  I would love to hear your feedback! Any and all comments are welcome :) 

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Where Did October Go?

I can't believe it's the last day of October AND Halloween already!
The good news about today --  it's 60 degrees -- which means warm trick-or-treating tonight. The bad news is that it's been raining all day and by the looks of it -- will continue through the night :( 
With October out the door...one thing I wish I would 've had time to do this Halloween was make these cute Halloween bats! I'm kicking myself....


October 24, 2013

A Miss Mustard Seed Dresser

This week has gotten away from me.  It's already Thursday -- and I'm not prepared for today at all.  I'd really like to crawl back into bed....but then there's this thing called a job. 
Anyhow...Miss Mustard Seed caught my attention big time with this Apron Strings dresser.  I wish I lived closer to her because this would totally be in my house right now....

October 22, 2013

New Craft Room Storage Dresser

Well everyone, I finally finished a piece of furniture for my craft room.  Remember when I found these babies on craigslist a couple weeks ago ? The tall one was "choosen"....hahaha.

Craft Room Storage Dresser

I'm so happy with how this turned out. 

Craft Room Storage Dresser

Craft Room Storage Dresser

Craft Room Storage Dresser

I laid down to take a picture from a different angle and when I focused, I saw....
my little buddy Duncan.  Little guy follows me EVERYWHERE.

Craft Room Storage Dresser

So anyhow...this dresser replaced a plastic storage unit that I had been using for all my craft supplies since I started crafting.  It holds much more than the plastic unit did -- so yay for that!  Plus it makes the room look a bit more "put-together".  

I used an off brand white paint for the top and sides, chalkboard paint for the drawers, and then put a glaze over the top and sides.  I didn't use a protective finish on this.  I didn't need to with the type of use it's going to be getting.

Soon enough, I will do a craft room reveal for you guys.  Stay tuned....

October 19, 2013

The Type of Paint You Should Use On Furniture

Last week I talked about getting a smooth paint finish on furniture.  If you missed that post -- you can get caught up here.   But what type of paint to use is also worth knowing.  When I first started painting furniture, I was unsure of the type of paint I should be using for the best finish.  I've used many different paints and here is a recap of what I've learned!

The Type of Paint To Use on Furniture

The important thing to know is that ANY paint will make your furniture come together a LOT better.  Whether it's name brand paint, off brand paint, or a combination of both. The end result will be similar.  

For example, this black dresser was painted with a Behr paint.  It was $35 a gallon.  I also used a paint sprayer (and added water of course!).  Turned out nice right?

The Type of Paint To Use on Furniture

Then there is the antique white dresser done with my homemade chalk paint.  I combined an off brand primer, off brand paint, WATER, and painted this one by hand.

The Type of Paint To Use on Furniture

The end result was great on both.  The difference?  Price! As I mentioned, the Behr paint was $35 a gallon.  I had actually bought the paint to do the doors in my house and had extra leftover. I would never buy a $35 gallon of paint for furniture projects...shish what were you thinking!

The paint I used on the white dresser was found in the Oops section of Walmart.  I can't remember what I paid for them, but I never pay over $5.00 for Oops paint...so I would say under $5!

What is Oops paint you ask?  It is just what it sounds like.  The paint associate at Walmart...or Home Depot (or whatever store carries paint) mixes the paint wrong or a customer changes their mind.  These stores are just trying to make a buck off of the paint instead of trashing it. I found out about Oops paint online.  When I first set out to purchase some, I just asked the paint associate at the store were it was.  They know exactly what you are asking for.  

Some examples.....

The Type of Paint To Use on Furniture

The Type of Paint To Use on Furniture

The Type of Paint To Use on Furniture

I love all the paints I've ever bought (name brand or off brand) and never had any application issues with any of them.

It is OK to mix different paints together to create your own.  My antique white dresser - as mentioned - was painted with a combination of white primer, a beige color paint, some Plaster of Paris, and of course....water.  It doesn't matter what type of mixture you put together, the end result will look fantastic.  What is really important is what finishing product you use!

I will talk about finishing products next week so make sure you check back to get all the deets.

Have a great weekend everyone!

October 17, 2013

DIY Wood Countertops

Who would have ever thought making your own wood countertops was possible?  I sure didn't until recently when I stumbled upon this awesome DIY tutorial by Gina over at The Shabby Creek Cottage.  She did her own counter-tops and they look fantastic!  Not only that, but it took 30 minutes!

So I thought I would share this with all of you because this is almost too good to be true! Head over to The Shabby Creek Cottage for the total DIY tutorial!

October 15, 2013

DIY Paperback Pumpkin

While looking for fall decor one night, I stumbled across these really cool paper pumpkins on Pinterest.  I was swooning over them immediately.

DIY Book Page Pumpkin

This project took a little more effort to complete than I had thought it would.  It is definitely not one for children due to the use of the exacto knife.  

If you want to know how to make these yourself, Katie from Upcycled Treasures does a great job of explaining.

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October 12, 2013

How To Get A Smooth Finish On Painted Furniture

One of my most frequently asked questions  is how I get the finish to look so smooth on my furniture.   I thought today was the perfect day to share my secret with all of you.

How To Get A Smooth Finish On Furniture

Really it's so petty you will probably do one of two things:  1 - say...are you serious? or 2 - laugh. But the secret to getting a smooth painted surface on your furniture is nothing more than ....

Adding water!

How To Get A Smooth Finish On Furniture

I never paint anything without first adding water.   Why would I do this crazy nonesense?  Normal paint tends to be a little thicker, so when you apply it it just sort of
 lays there.   When it is watered down, the paint spreads out after being applied and the brush strokes disappear.   Nifty huh?

 My Old Storage Trunk, Black Beauty Dresser, and Antique White Dresser are just a few projects I've done with watered down paint.

How To Get A Smooth Finish On Furniture

How To Get A Smooth Finish On Furniture

Application of the paint is much easier when it is watered down.   When I painted my MESSY YELLOW DESK, I did not water down my paint.   One stroke into it and I was dreading how much time it was going to take me to paint the whole thing!  Not to mention the thick brush strokes that I couldn't get rid of. Thus the reason why I did the messy paint job.   It was easier that way (and looked cool).

I even water down my chalk paint.  You sort of have to, otherwise it gets really thick.  Notice how the paint just runs off the spoon like water?   You can't do that with paint that isn't watered down.

I never do exact measurements of water to paint.   I just add a little water, stir, and continue to add water until I get the consistency I want.   If it runs like the above picture -- it's ready.   

October 10, 2013

A Fall Living Room

Sometimes when I'm looking around Pinterest I just have to stop and think, "Wow, I wish MY house looked like that".  Unfortunately it doesn't BUT there is a lot of inspiration at The Happy House.  Krista really has a knack for decorating!  I especially love the fall window and bunting piece :)

This dresser/TV stand fits in perfectly with the rest of her living room.  The color is darling.

What do you love about this space?

October 8, 2013

DIY Heart Picture Frame

Recently I posted about my Simple Table Confetti. Not only was that project simple and cheap, but there was another project that accidentally came out of it.  

This little heart picture frame -- isn't it darling?

DIY Heart Picture

So now, this little heart picture frame can go a few ways for me. One - it will look cute at my wedding along with my DIY Simple Table Confetti's.  Two - it just looks cute on my TV stand.  Three - it will be the perfect decor for Valentine's Day!

DIY Heart Picture

Just a quick recap of how I put this thing together. 

Things You Will Need
Decorative Paper (I used old music sheets)
Card Stock
Mod Podge

1. - Read here on how to get your heart cut paper. 
2. - Cut your heart paper and card stock to fit your frame.
3. - Use Mod Podge to glue the heart cut paper to your card stock.
4. - Finish by cutting it down to fit perfectly into your frame.

Easy peasy!! Now I have more confetti to do, so I will have more of these picture frames to do also.  All FREE using materials I already had. LOVE! 

October 5, 2013

New Thrift Furniture Finds

I always get so excited when I run into some amazing thrift furniture -- at a steal.  I turn into a kid in a candy store and it's crazy.  And it was no different with these thrift pieces of furniture! They were posted on craigslist for $75.  Not a bad price for such nice pieces...they also came with a headboard and bed frame (not pictured).  I took these guys home for $60 when all was said and done.

Normally I buy thrift furniture with the goal of redoing them and selling -- but I'm not selling these.

The long dresser is going in my daughter's bedroom and for the first time she will have an actual dresser. It sort of feels like a new chapter in her life...hahaha.  The tall dresser will probably end up in my craft room as a storage piece. 

Stay tuned for their "redo-reveals"!

October 2, 2013

DIY Wedding: Simple Table Confetti

And so....the wedding planning continues. I know I haven't said much about it but it's happening! Most of it in my head but this week I realized I have to start acting on my "head-planning".  With only 9 months left, I still haven't even bought a dress! Yikes!

DIY Tabletop Confetti

The simplest and smallest wedding details are my favorite.  And if they are quick...even better!  The other day I was just sitting here and remembered that I had bought a heart punch awhile back. PERFECT for creating little hearts that can decorate a table top!

DIY Tabletop Confetti

All you need is your favorite paper punch, some paper (I LOVE music sheets), and the ability to fold lol.

Excuse the black nail....I was smart enough to slam my hand in my car door a few weeks back. 

And there you have it.  I can't wait to see how cute these are decorating my pie table ;)