October 22, 2013

New Craft Room Storage Dresser

Well everyone, I finally finished a piece of furniture for my craft room.  Remember when I found these babies on craigslist a couple weeks ago ? The tall one was "choosen"....hahaha.

Craft Room Storage Dresser

I'm so happy with how this turned out. 

Craft Room Storage Dresser

Craft Room Storage Dresser

Craft Room Storage Dresser

I laid down to take a picture from a different angle and when I focused, I saw....
my little buddy Duncan.  Little guy follows me EVERYWHERE.

Craft Room Storage Dresser

So anyhow...this dresser replaced a plastic storage unit that I had been using for all my craft supplies since I started crafting.  It holds much more than the plastic unit did -- so yay for that!  Plus it makes the room look a bit more "put-together".  

I used an off brand white paint for the top and sides, chalkboard paint for the drawers, and then put a glaze over the top and sides.  I didn't use a protective finish on this.  I didn't need to with the type of use it's going to be getting.

Soon enough, I will do a craft room reveal for you guys.  Stay tuned....


  1. I love this! I am always changing around my storage and where I want to put things. Love the idea of having it so easy to change the labels! (from the DBB)

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  3. Love the storage idea for the craft room. I am trying to collect ideas for storage for my room.

    1. Donna, once you get one piece in there it all seems to start falling into place. Being a crafty gal, I find that I end up with more stuff than I need.


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