October 8, 2013

DIY Heart Picture Frame

Recently I posted about my Simple Table Confetti. Not only was that project simple and cheap, but there was another project that accidentally came out of it.  

This little heart picture frame -- isn't it darling?

DIY Heart Picture

So now, this little heart picture frame can go a few ways for me. One - it will look cute at my wedding along with my DIY Simple Table Confetti's.  Two - it just looks cute on my TV stand.  Three - it will be the perfect decor for Valentine's Day!

DIY Heart Picture

Just a quick recap of how I put this thing together. 

Things You Will Need
Decorative Paper (I used old music sheets)
Card Stock
Mod Podge

1. - Read here on how to get your heart cut paper. 
2. - Cut your heart paper and card stock to fit your frame.
3. - Use Mod Podge to glue the heart cut paper to your card stock.
4. - Finish by cutting it down to fit perfectly into your frame.

Easy peasy!! Now I have more confetti to do, so I will have more of these picture frames to do also.  All FREE using materials I already had. LOVE! 

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