October 5, 2013

New Thrift Furniture Finds

I always get so excited when I run into some amazing thrift furniture -- at a steal.  I turn into a kid in a candy store and it's crazy.  And it was no different with these thrift pieces of furniture! They were posted on craigslist for $75.  Not a bad price for such nice pieces...they also came with a headboard and bed frame (not pictured).  I took these guys home for $60 when all was said and done.

Normally I buy thrift furniture with the goal of redoing them and selling -- but I'm not selling these.

The long dresser is going in my daughter's bedroom and for the first time she will have an actual dresser. It sort of feels like a new chapter in her life...hahaha.  The tall dresser will probably end up in my craft room as a storage piece. 

Stay tuned for their "redo-reveals"!

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  1. Looking forward to what is becoming of these! Exciting!


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