November 24, 2014

I Painted Our Bathroom Floor....CHEVRON!

I painted our bathroom floor......CHEVRON. And I love it. It's so unique and a real conversation piece.  Not only was it under $100, but it was easy too!
Now, we could have went out and bought new tile and tiled the floor.  That would have been a really good choice.  Probably a better choice all around, but I wanted to do something different.  Something that might have a slight WOW factor. And something a bit less expensive.
Chevron Painted Floor
It turned out better than I expected, considering I had never painted a bathroom floor OR created a chevron pattern ...  in my life.
I did a lot of research online, looked at a ton of DIY painted floors, read about how it was done...and then did it my own way. haha.  Everything I was reading advised to use floor paint.  And nothing mentioned a protective clear coat.  I paint furniture and other things, and I know that a final clear protective coat is a MUST for high-use areas. 
The before picture....ah.  It's not the worst bathroom.  But keep in mind I'm working with the floors and walls that were in the house when we bought it.  We replaced the vanity, toilet, and tub but  I had wanted to keep the walls because I thought they had potential and the floor was ok to live with for awhile.  Fast forward a year and a half and I'm ready to get something done with the walls and floors.
So the floor had to be first. Here is what I did....
I roughed the floor up with a sanding block and wiped it down good.  Then I rolled on two coats of white primer and sealer.  Just your basic Kilz...nothing else.  Super easy.
I was already enjoying the transformation.  If I had liked it enough, it could have been left white. 

But I had my heart set on chevron.
I will admit, taping the chevron pattern was the worst part.  I had never tried this and was a bit nervous, but by the end I was declaring myself a chevron professional. 

I applied two coats of regular Behr paint.  NOT floor paint or anything special, just regular paint. 

After the two coats had dried, I took of the tape.  As you can see, some of the white paint pulled up with the tape.  This was the area I had been standing on while painting the strips.  I freaked at first.  But a small roller and more white primer paint fixed it right away.

Chevron Painted Floor

I applied two coats of polyurethane for floors.  This was my biggest mistake because it turns white into yellow. The can says it's CLEAR GLOSS...ha!!!
 I would advise against it unless you are painting your floor other colors and not white.  Although the poly is protecting it really well.  If I could do it all over again, I think I would use a clear lacquer instead.

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