March 30, 2013

Simple Coffee Table Makeover

Today I've got a cute coffee table makeover to share with you. I love it when projects fall into my lap, and this coffee table is one of them!

simple table revamp

A friend of mine had just moved and asked me to paint this coffee table to match her other furniture. She wanted it a glossy black to match her new dining set and TV stand. AND she wanted NO distressing.


Before I go on I must confess that there was a time in my life when, I would go buy a new piece of furniture before thinking about changing what I already have. I would've went to Target or wherever I could find a cheap coffee table to get me by. And I would've thrown this out.

Buutttt…redoing this coffee table was probably a better option in the long run. Why? Well, A) it only cost me about $10 to redo it and b) it has more character now than it would if it was Target bought.

After Pic

Before Pic

And if you are on a tight budget, or just not in the mood to go spend a few hundred dollars on a new coffee table, this is a great alternative!

Top After

If you are wondering how to makeover your coffee table on the cheap…here it is:

I found a $5 gallon of black “oops” paint at Menards. It was a flat black but I knew I was going to put a glossy polycrylic over the top for protection, so….non-issue!

And like I said, I put the polycryclic over the whole thing. I did three layers on the top for added protection.
And that’s it!



  1. Turned out great!
    You'd never know it was the same table at all :) and less then 10.00 for a new coffee table is amazing!

  2. Awesome makeover! I love a good furniture revamp!
    Selene@ Restoration Beauty

  3. I think that table is saying Thank You! Much better looking.


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