April 24, 2012

Junky Pillow Makeover

I’ve talked about making new pillows for months. Literally. I’m kind of obsessed -- but only in my head {ya sorta have to make them or buy them to get it out of your head right??} Weird.

So I did it. FINALLY.


In order to appreciate these pillows, you have to see what I started with…


I’m sorry but they’ve seen better days. Not to mention they do NOT match the rest of the living room (not shown…but will soon!)

Being the cost conscious person that I am, I decided to split them up and make multiple pillow forms – like this….


Have you looked at the prices of pillow forms? I’m sorry…but FREE puts a smile on this girls face ;)


I just cut them in half, and sewed them shut. The idea came from Linda @ it all started with paint. She has some amazing projects!

{Check out my mint 1976 Singer sewing machine. My grandmother gave me this for christmas and I adore it. No LOVE it.}


I sewed a cover…..



These are much better than what I started with. And much cheaper than store bought pillows. Oh…and did I mention the added satisfaction of knowing I did them? ;)

{I was able to incorporate the last of my flower fabric used on my craigslist lamp makeover project seen here.}

Here’s my little man Duncan. Pillow-making is a tiring process ;)


Well…that’s that. I can now say that I’ve sewn my own pillows.


 Total cost for the two white pillows -- $5. YESSSS!

Happy blogging!


  1. Jessica,

    Love the new blog look! So nice and fresh and fun! Congrats. And congrats on the pillows. They look great and your pup is the perfect pillow accessory!

    So glad you're back to blogging too. I know it's been a tough few months ...



    (P.S. You should share your fabulous pillows at our Pillowpalooza party ... perfect timing!)

  2. Don't you think Linda is such an inspiration and she always has the best ideas! Love your pillows and your sweet friend on the couch!

    Thanks for linking up to Pillow Palooza!


  3. Love your pillows! Is your dog a pom? Sure looks comfy on your couch! My daughter has 2 Poms.

  4. Ok, I just bought some pillow forms(with a coupon but still)... I might just need to try this though! Great idea! I'd love for you to come link up to our party where we can show off all of our old or new projects! :)
    http://www.cutesycrafts.com/2013/03/an-oldie-but-goodie-10.html- Jessica


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