December 22, 2011

Picture Frame Makeover

Last night I finally tackled the frame I’ve been intending to makeover. It’s just a frame…didn’t take that long…and you would think I would’ve gotten to it a lot sooner. 


I picked this up at the Salvation Army for $1.49. I’m not sure why they price all of their stuff that way. Maybe $1.50 seemed to high? lol.


It was black. I tried to spray paint it at one point and it did NOT apply well. But after some Mod Podge and a few dictionary pages….


…it was well on it’s way to being my favorite piece of the week :) I had actually intended to keep the picture out and just hang the frame, but the picture won.


Now that was a cheap and easy makeover.

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  1. Very cute frame idea-I love Mod Podge and cheap and easy :) and thanks for visiting me and for your kind comments on my table :)

  2. Love the frame! And love the picture too ... where did you find it?

    Hope you had a wonderful xmas celebration with your family!

  3. Very clever & of course I am very smitten with the art work being that I am mommy to 2 doxies! Love it.

    I am throwing a "Best of 2011" party & I'd love if you dropped by to share your favorite post of the year!


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