December 16, 2011

My Favorite Christmas Ideas {and Christmas Tree Reveal}

I wish I had the time to create all the wonderful Christmas ornaments and other decor I am seeing all over the blogosphere. Some of the ideas I’m seeing are amazing. While I was blog stalking the other day I thought I would gather up some of my favs and share them with all of you :) How lucky are you right?! Keep in mind that my main focus is DYI on the CHEAP. It doesn’t get any better than that right?

First up. I just HAD to show you these cute window hanging ornaments Connie @ Salvage Savvy whipped up.


Check it out here. Too cute and the cost is almost non existent if you already have the ornaments and ribbon.

I almost didn’t know what to do with myself when I came across Aimee’s knockoff Anthro Snow Globes.


One word….WOW. These really give me that warm Christmas feeling :) Now all I need is a nice hot cup of hot coco and A Christmas Story :)

And while Easter is out, that doesn’t mean we can’t use the eggs for Christmas. What a cute little idea Heather at DYI Kinda Girl. I LOVE anything made with book pages.


We can’t forget the wreath. And yes…a book page wreath melts my heart but this…holy smokes is it adorable!


Thanks to Kristen at My Covered Bridge for sharing her lovely wreath with us :)

Now when I first saw these little lolly ornies…I was confused because I didn’t think it was very Christmassy. Boy was I wrong. I would love to cover my entire Christmas tree with them! And thanks to Evie at Brown Paper Packages, I can do so if I please!


Last but not least…we can not forget the tree skirt –DYI style. I’ve seen a few different flavors 
but this one was eye pleasing to me.


Go ahead on over and check it out at Simply Chick Treasures for the full scoop. What do you think? Cute huh?

So I didn’t exactly decorate this year with plans on revealing to the world. But it wouldn’t be right not to! Here’s the tree…


It’s real :) And it smells good :) We had plans this year to trek out into the wilderness to find this tree. But the only day we cut out for getting it had nothing but rain in the forecast. It was not a nice day. We still wanted a real tree but didn’t want to be out in the rain cutting one. So we went to the local mall and picked this one that had already been cut.

It was a mess bringing into the house…all wet and a little muddy from the back of the truck. We had to get it set up and then let it sit for a couple hours to dry. I’m not going to lie, it smelled like really bad pee when it was wet. I was a little nervous it was going to continue to smell so bad. But once it dried it was all good.

We had a huge issue with our star. It was too heavy for this tree and kept falling over. So I made this tree topper using book pages. Cute and free :)

tree topper

It fits perfect and sort of polishes the book page look off a bit more (read about the book page ornaments here.)


So there are my Christmas favs and my tree. I can’t wait until all the presents are under it :)


  1. Cute projects! Thanks for sharing my tree skirt.

  2. Thanks so much for including my window ornaments!! I love all of the DIY Christmas ideas, thanks for sharing them :)

  3. I love your tree!!! SO so pretty!!!!


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