August 8, 2013

Think Yellow...

This week has been a pretty good week for getting things done.  It feels like each week just gets better and better now that I'm done with school and we are settling into the house.

But back to getting things done this week :)

I had some time to redo a little desk my future mother-in-law gave me. It used to be my fiances when he was a boy. Now my daughter gets to have it. Other than a bunch of scribbles he did all over it, the desk is in great condition. The pulls are so awesome, I kept them as they are.

While I was doing the desk, I used the same yellow paint and coated the inside of these jelly jars I had on hand (here is where the multitasking comes in -- along with some drinks too). I love how they turned out.  They might just find their way into our wedding decor :) Wouldn't they be perfect with some cute white flowers?

Speaking of wedding decor. I'm trying to juggle doing the invites AND making the flowers right now. When I first got engaged I felt so overwhelmed with the thought of having to plan a wedding. Now that I'm actually doing it, I'm finding it's actually fun :) I love sitting on the couch with my family at night, making my flowers while they watch their shows. It's so relaxing.

More on the flowers later. I have some other things I'm going to try with them. I figure, I have a year to get it

A midst all of this crafting, I found time to trim some hedges....

And take long bike rides with my daughter. This is a picture of the train tracks below a gigantic bridge we were on. It was her first time on the big bridge (not in a car) and sort of a big deal.

What have you done this week?



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