August 21, 2013

New Thrifty Finds & A Present To Me

The last few days have been super exciting....and let me tell you why.  I was able to score a few items that were better left for the road -- or so their owners thought.  Aannd I was also able to score a little something else for myself.... keep reading.

Here we have two dressers that I found on craigslist.  

Not too shabby. Right?  

Both were gotten for a total of $40. And in decent working condition. The second one would be perfect for a TV entertainment stand. Wouldn't you agree?

And a little side table that a family member didn't want. I'm getting this more and more now that the word is out that I take in crap no one wants. lol.

I have ideas for all of these pieces. They are also going to be my first items that I sell at an actual consignment shop (more on that later hopefully!!). biggest news today? 

My fiance no longer has to be at my beck and call to pick up roadside finds with his truck.  I can do it myself with this handy-dandy HUMMER! Ooooo how inlove I am with this machine.  So glad I took the leap and got it. It's so fun to drive :)

Do any of you other thrifting ladies out there drive a big tank? I'd be interested to hear what you think of them :) 

Happy Wednesday everyone! Till next time!!!!


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