November 8, 2011

Teal & The Living Room Reveal

OK, so the entire room isn't done, but the TV stand and end table sure are. I have some odds and ends {patio door curtains, rug and whatever else fancies me} to button up with the room but I just had to show you the furniture.

Even though these pieces of furniture are laminate, I kinda like how they turned out.  The antiqued look is one that I really enjoy doing. 


 The TV Stand is fabulous.
Teal Painted Laminate TV Stand


I had tried to paint over the mesh but that didn't work out so it had to go. I purchased two yards of a cream color fabric and got the staple gun out. Forty staples later and wow...what a transformation!


So what do you guys think? I have to say this was a fun project. The teal color brightens the room so much. I can't wait to pull the entire room together. 
Have a great day!


  1. Jessica,

    It's amazing how much it brightens up the room. You should browse through the House of Turquoise blog ( She has an amazing collection of decorated rooms with multiple turquoise/teal/robin's egg blue and other color combos. Worth a look for lots and lot and lots of inspiration!

  2. I have frequented the House of Turquoise recently in hopes of finding some great inspiration. Thanks for the tip :)


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