November 13, 2011

Bottle Cap Candles - A Tutorial

For months now I've been wanting to try my hand at making bottle cap candles. I've been saving bottle caps for awhile in anticipation of this project. I thought they would be a great addition to my Christmas gift stock pile :) Everyone seems to love my handmade gifts the best.

So I started out by going to Hobby Lobby for wax crystals, braided wick and wick sustainers.

In addition I needed a can for melting the wax in, a pan for boiling water, a pair of scissors, a pair of pliers, and bottle caps {items I already had}.

I put about an inch and a half of water in the pan and let it boil.

Once boiling I put some wax crystals in my can. I wasn't really sure exactly how much I would need so I put in around 1/4 cup to start. It ended up being enough for only 8 caps.

Then I put the can of wax into the pot of boiling water. Overall, it probably took 3 minutes for it to completely melt.

While the wax was melting, I started assembling the wicks and wick sustainers. I cut 3/4 inch strips of wick and then fastened them to the wick sustainers. I did this by threading the wick through the hole and then clamping the metal around it with the pliers. They look like this...

After doing a few of these, I checked my wax and it was just about ready....

 At this point I realized that I had some scented I added a bit. And then I continued with my wick/cap assembly.

These were fun to assemble. I wish I had bought more wick sustainers. I didn't realize the package of 20 wouldn't be enough! I have enough of the braided wick to do 100 or so more and almost the entire bag of wax crystals left! 

Pouring the wax took some practice. You have to do it "just so" and the can is hot too. I noticed that it looked better when I filled the caps a little "over" the top but right before the point to where it pours all over.

I purchased the white wax because I had originally planned to mix one of my daughters crayons with it to make a color. I bypassed that step but I think I'll do that next time to add some flare.

These will make great gifts! I love how they turned out!

And they were soooo easy and fun to do.

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  1. Jessica,

    That idea is really cute -- and to be honest, I haven't seen it around the blogosphere. And your pictures look really good and sharp! Have you been playing with Picasa?

    You should definitely link this up with some of the linky parties. Let me know if you want a "how to" and I'll send you a link via email. I can also suggest a few places to link up at if you'd like.


  2. Wow these are adorable & very creative!!!! Thanks for commenting on my blog earlier :) I tried to email you back but your google profile email is not active :( Hope you get this! :)

  3. cute idea! thanks for sharing!

  4. Your candles are adorable. I've seen them before but never realized how simple they were. Hope to see you at DIY Home Sweet home. I'm your newest follower. Cute blog

    P.S. I have a linky every Monday. Would love for you to stop by and link up.


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