September 25, 2014

Blog Problems

I'm posting this in hopes that someone might know how I can fix my blog.  Blogger is of no help. 

I have no idea what happened, but if you are reading this you can see my blog is totally jacked up. Almost all of my photos have disappeared, and every time I log on I get an error message.

I've enjoyed blogging here while I have, but if years of blogging can go down the tubes in an instant with no way of fixing it -- I have to rethink this whole blogger thing.

I mean -- wow -- years of posts just gone and blogger can only say "this is a known problem" try clearing your cache or searching online for a solution?  The laptop I'm using is brand spanking new.  I have not been online enough with it to have my cache clogged to shit.


Please help....someone!
(I knew I should've went into the IT profession......)

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  1. This same thing happened to me when I signed up for a Google+ account. When all my "blogger" photos were converted to the Google+ albums, somehow the privacy settings were changed on each album, making most of my photos only viewable to me or someone I gave access to. But some of the photos stayed "public." Not sure how Google+ decided which should be which, but after I changed all the privacy settings to be all public and shareable, all the pictures showed up on my blog again. Not sure if this is what happened with your photos, but maybe worth a look at?? I wish you luck!! I know how much it sucks to have all that work "disappear." (:


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