September 9, 2013

Knock-Off Shower Cleaning Tip

I realize this has nothing to do with furniture...or crafting...or anything. BUT it is DIY and it is probably the best thing ever when it comes to keeping your shower clean. I can't remember where I found this idea, but I have used it religiously ever since. It works!

DIY Shower Cleaning Tip

Things Needed:
Scrubber (with handle that holds the liquid)
Dish Soap (any kind)
Vinegar (distilled white)

Just mix the dish soap and vinegar 50/50. Shake, and you are ready to clean!

The reason this is soo cool is because you can keep it in your shower and use it while you are in there! If you are like me, you hate cleaning your bathroom altogether. Finding the time to do it all in one sitting can be frustrating. So now I clean the shower walls and inside curtain while I'm showering. It's very quick and the solution really takes off the soup scum.

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