May 21, 2012

Wall Decor Using Paper Towel Rolls

Today I’m going to share with you how I made wall decor using paper towel rolls. These have been floating around the blogosphere and Pinterest for awhile. The only difference is that they are normally made with used toilet paper rolls. I know, I know…HUGE difference right? lol.

It’s nothing spectacular, but it was a free project and I ended up with cool wall art.
And yes, the end result is really cool wall decor. Somehow the paper towel roll thing just makes a wall pop. Wanna see how? Keep reading!

I did not use the little toilet paper roll pictured…just the two paper towel rolls.

Items needed:

- Two paper towel rolls (minimum)
-Hot glue gun


I flattened the roll down and cut out one inch strips with scissors.


I laid out my pattern.


Then used a hot glue gun to glue the edges together.


You end up with four put together like this. Keep doing bunches of four until you run out.


Then you glue them all together in any way that you like. This is the fun part!



I hung the final product in my bathroom (note: there is no natural light source).



For added punch, you could spray paint them :) I like mine how they are.


  1. Jessica,

    Your wall art is super cute!


  2. your blog is FANTASTIC! i love it! found you via the bloghop xo

  3. Can you believe that I was just browing Walmart this morning and saw some almost exactly like this! I can't remember how much they were. They were 3D accents to use with the vinyl adhesive sayings for the wall. This is a great diy! I'm your newest follower and would love for you to come visit my blog!

  4. I was skeptical - but you convinced me! Your wall art looks great.

  5. Cute and thrifty! I could see this growing and growing on your wall!

  6. Wow! Love this so I will give it a go. Really into cheap wall art at the moment. I have made quite a few for myself lately. I would love you o stop b my blog and have a look

  7. This is just too cute and clever. I love 3D art!
    Just visiting from the May Blog Hop and am now following you. I would also love to invite you to link this up to Freedom Fridays Blog Hop.

    PS Check out my May 24th post where I am co hosting Katherine's Corner Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. TWO Parties, one place! So hoping to see you there!

  8. Amazing!!! You inspired me to try this!!
    I am loving it!!!

  9. soooo cute Jes! :o) we need to craft together---SOON! I never got to facebook you back, but yes I work later Wed. and then I am off on Thursday.... lets plan a time!


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