May 31, 2012

Slap-Happy DIY Wooden Sign

Do you know what it’s like to be slap-happy?


Me neither! Bahahahahah ;)

DIY Painted Wooden Sign

But I’m pretty sure everyone has an idea of what it is.  And after you see just how cheap this project is…I think you’ll be slap-happy too!

What I used:
Wood (Menards - $.69 a piece!)
Stencils (Menards - $3.99 a pack…reusable)
Paint Brush (Menards – $.99 a piece)
Paint (I already had)
Sharpie Marker (I already had)


I about fell over when I stumbled on these $.69 wood planks.  Sixty-Nine Cents??!!



I purchased this yellow Behr paint when I first started on this blogging journey…months ago. I used it on my laminate shelving project (you can read about it here).



Using my stencils and a sharpie marker, I made the outline. {Notice my daughters cute sign she designed herself}.



Once I had the outline in place, I colored it in with a larger sharpie marker.


It actually looks pretty cool. Nothing else needed…but I’ve been thinking about sanding it to see how it comes out. What do you think?


I was hesitant to post this as I made the sign just for laughs. But it’s been turning all kinds of heads at our house. So I thought….what the heck…here it is!


Here’s the end product of my daughter’s hard work. Cute right?? She’s pretty talented :) It’s going in her bedroom.


Oh and guess who joined our family yesterday?? Mr. Doc himself. He's a german wirehair pointer and SUCH a sweet little guy. I’m already super attached :) He makes us all a little slap-happy ;)

German Wirehair Pointer Puppy

And as I come to a close on this post,
I’ll leave you with one question….

Are you slap-happy?

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