January 2, 2012

Retro Dresser Turned Mint Green

Last week was spent working on a dresser for my mom {read about that here}. During the week I had fun painting anything that got in the way. The dresser, my entry stand, a little step ladder, a wooden serving tray, and my jewelry box are now mint green :)


This one was what I like to call a retro number.


It had chunks of wood missing form the drawers but otherwise was in good condition.  A couple of wood filler applications fixed that problem.


I used my electric sander to lightly sand the entire dresser and then I applied two coats of my homemade chalk paint.


The color is something I came up with mixing my teal and white paints I had laying around. I just love chalk paint! I make mine pretty thick.

I used my sander to distress the edges and am happy with how it turned out.




So far I’ve only used Minwax Poly on my projects. I was looking into using a wax on this but read that it wouldn’t apply very well to a flat paint. Makes sense.

Oh and I also learned a dollar saving lesson while working on this dresser. When applying a sealant, it’s cheaper to buy the $.69 sponge brushes and discard them after each use then it is to buy a $12 paintbrush and $8 paint thinner :)


I really started to become attached to this dresser. It was hard giving it back!!

You can find this project at these link parties.


  1. Great job on this dresser - I can see why you wouldn't want to give it back. I like it much better than the way it was when you started. New follower here - looking forward to seeing more of your projects. happy new year

  2. Following you from thrifty decor chick-stop by for a visit!!

  3. Great looking makeover..beautiful color!!!


  4. Anonymous1/03/2012

    Absolutely great transformation! I love the wax finish on the piece with the brilliant color choice!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. oh i love that! the design and color are so pretty! i just love deco dressers!

  6. LOL! I've been in "trouble" with my hubby for ruining brushes and not using sponges! Valuable lesson learned!! Turned out GREAT!!!

    XO, Aimee

  7. Good to know about the sponges! I think this turned out great with the distressing. (I'd want to keep it for myself too!)

  8. Such a great makeover!! I love old pieces changed by a coat of paint!! :) Feathered Nest Friday is going on at my blog if you would like to come share!

  9. Painted furniture just makes me happy, very nice !

  10. It was in deed a bit too retro, but looking' good now! Great job!

  11. So pretty, gotta love some good distressing! I'd be thrilled if you came to share this at the Head to Head Showdown, going live tonight at 10 at www.icantstopcrafting.blogspot.com ~Jen

  12. Great job on the dresser! I have one to do soon. I have never used wood filler, it is easy to apply??Thanks for sharing,,,,

  13. hahaha, I learned that money saving lesson the hard way as well!!

  14. Oh this turned out so so perfect! I bet your mom was thrilled! :o) how fun! I bet you are hooked now too huh?!

  15. So cute!!! Love this... so fresh and "cottagey"!!

  16. Thanks Rasonda! It does have that cottagey feel doesn't it?

    Thanks for stopping by!


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