January 23, 2012

Chest Of Drawers Redo {In The Works}

I found this dresser about 3 weeks ago at a local thrift shop.


It has large drawers that hold a massive amount of my ‘junk’. I was going to keep it for myself but decided on selling it instead.

So now the question is how to refinish this bad boy.


I was thinking of painting it white and then antiquing it with my wood stain method. Sometimes I get a little paranoid about the wood stain though. Once it’s on, it’s on.

The pulls will probably get sprayed with the rubbed bronze spray paint I used on my chalk paint dresser. I really like how it made those pulls look brand new. You’d never know they were spray painted. 

This project will be completed by the end of the week so check back for a final reveal :)


  1. Ohh, that is an interesting piece. The wood is nice, but sometimes I like paint too.

    I haven't used wood stain over paint so I'm not sure about that one. Soon I might try a metallic paint, we'll see!

  2. Oh would stain works great! It's the only thing I've used so far for antiquing other than sanding.


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