October 13, 2011

TV Stand & End Table Redo

For the last few days I've been deciding on my next project. I have several project ideas but no concrete plan. I figured I better get one...and fast. Then it hit me. The TV stand in my living room has been a real eye sore now for a year and a half. When I moved into my townhouse, it took me and my helper all we had to lug the TV up a flight of stairs and get it situated onto this laminate piece of crap. I threw an old shower curtain over the top of the stand because there are holes all over it from where the top used to be. The curtain is lopsided and looks horrible. But because the TV is so heavy I haven't bothered trying to maneuver the curtain {which is going to get a face-lift for my daughters room in another project}.

So tonight, the project starts. I am going to have D help me take the TV off. Right now...I have no clue where we are going to put it. It might have to sit on the floor for a few days. Oh well...doesn't bother me because I only watch TV on Monday nights :)

This project couldn't have come at a better time. Last Sunday my daughter decided to tape streamers to it while making a fort. When she took the tape off, the laminate came right with it. Oops!  Take a look...

Yuck. So this will get a little face-lift to match the TV stand. I'm thinking about painting them a bright teal. I need something that pops in this room and I'm thinking teal will do the trick. Plus it's my fav color. I can't wait to see how it looks when it's all finished :)

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