December 1, 2011

Christmas Tree Ornaments {with book pages}

I’d like to start by saying that we do not have our Christmas tree as of yet. We are planning on taking the trek out into the wilderness {aka tree farm} this Saturday to find the perfect tree for our family :) I am suuppper excited because up until last year, I always had an artificial tree. Words cannot express the excitement I have built up right now for Saturday!!! I think I might be more excited then my daughter :)

Year after year I’ve always used the same ole rinky dink ornaments. But this year it’s getting an overhaul. My vision involves book page decorations of some sort {I want that vintage feel}. Last weekend I started in on a set of ornaments and I love how they turned out. What do you think?


I purchased a package of 12 clear ornaments from Hobby Lobby for $7.99. It was actually an impulse buy {I had went there for something completely different} but I’m glad I picked them up. I only needed a few pages out of a book and scissors to make these. So $7.99 was my final cost. Not bad.


They are so decorative looking, I almost don’t want to put them on the tree! Maybe I’ll have to buy more :)

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  1. cute! they would look good in a bowl too! can't wait to see them on your tree!

  2. Thanks! Right now they are sitting in a cute little ice bucket that I painted with black chalk board paint...I really like how they look in it :)

  3. Cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog- you should totally make a wreath, the possibilities are endless! Have fun with your first real tree.

  4. These are beautiful and so simple! Thanks for sharing with Blog Stalking Thursday!

  5. I love these. Really I love everything that has to do with book pages! Can't wait to see your tree!!


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