November 5, 2011

Wooden Stool vs Chalk Paint

A few weeks back I spent a day junking with my mother. Garage sales, thrift stores and a roadside dumping ground for junk furniture {found accidentally while trying to find the flea market}enabled me to buy a bunch of stuff I didn't exactly need! We had a great time and I was in junker's heaven. Take a look...all for under $20. Score!

See the little stool under there??? Cute. And it only set me back $2! I could have cared less that it had a gigantic cow plastered all over the top of it. I knew right away I was going to paint it.

Yuck. So I bought a half a quart of Rust-oleum's Black Chalk Board Paint. (I could've went with much less paint but I have other chalk painting ideas in mind :) I didn't use a primer and I didn't sand...just wiped it down with a damp cloth and then went to town painting.

I applied two coats and it was done! I love this paint. It drys fast too.

And yes, I did this on my kitchen counter. Limited space calls for drastic measures :)

I love this little stool. It found it's place in my living room. I'd show you the room but I'm in the process of doing a reveal on my TV Stand & End Table {you can read about that here.}

There will definitely be more chalk paint makeovers in the future.

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  1. Jessica, that looks so cute! I'm a fan of the chalkboard paint too -- and have some big plans coming up using it in my teen son's bedroom makeover. Lots of projects planned for some blog fodder ...

    Keep on posting. Us newbies need to stick together.

  2. How funnnnnn looks like you guys found some AMAZING treasures! I am jealous! I need to get out and get looking a little better!!! :o) I like your transformation---the cow just had to go and for that price---yes please! :o)
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy


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