November 16, 2011


Let's start off by saying that the last 5 days have been pretty hectic around these parts. I've been working like crazy on my crafts and also trying to figure out what works best with my camera. I really do need a new camera. It's pretty sad when my iPhone 4 takes better pictures without the flash then my Nikon Coolpix. Natural light has been key.

I'm putting a lot of work into learning about the blogosphere as well. And it's starting to pay off. This little blog of mine is slowly {I need to emphasis sloooooowly here} coming along. It's amazing what time and patience can do. I'm learning so much new stuff everyday!

Yesterday I finally got my Junk Nest Facebook page up and running. Wow did that really mess with me! I spent like 2 hours just trying to figure out if my page posts show up on my normal wall posts. It was crazy. And this is coming from a person who has had a Facebook account for a few years. So if anyone has any tips for me I would really appreciate them :) I will take any criticism I can get. If you want you can 'like' my page too...I don't mind ;) I am also working on getting my Twitter account situated. That's going to be more challenging. I've never worked with a Twitter account and have no idea how to Tweet!

Oh and if you haven't noticed...I FINALLY went ahead and figured out how to put the social media icons up. Yep....I'm feeling preeetttty darn proud of myself right about now :) Check them out...if something isn't right let me know.

Last but not least, today is my little girl's birthday. I was up late last night doing a DYI wrapping job. Take a look...

I had no idea what my plan was but they didn't turn out too bad. I did my first fabric rosettes {see the left hand corner of the larger package}. They turned out cute! Oh and I spent zero dollars on wrapping :) Can't beat that.


  1. I had some weird FB stuff too ... I'm still trying to figure it all out! Not sure about the tweet thing though. The blog and FB both seem like quite enough work, thank you!

  2. ... and happy birthday to your little girl!

  3. awhhhhh I hope your little gal had a great b-day!!!! And yayyy for a facebook page! :o) I liked ya!


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