September 7, 2013

A Must-Have Craft Room Storage Piece

If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you know I've mentioned once or twice that my craft room is a huge sight for sore eyes.  When we were renting our last place, we didn't have a third bedroom for my craft stuff. All I had was a desk that was literally out in the middle of our living room.  Now I have a dedicated space for my crafty things and I have absolutely NO storage for the room. Everything is everywhere and it drives me nuts. Bottom line is, I need to get some storage and organization.

This card catalog from One Dog Woof's the perfect storage piece for any crafter!

Check this out...

Maybe it's the colorful items in the drawers....but this has really gotten my attention! Makes me want to go get organized ASAP! One day...I will show you a before and after of my craft room. Just not anytime soon!

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