January 10, 2015

Children's Chore Chart - Using Bottle Caps

For as long as I can remember, I've struggled with having an efficient chore chart for my daughter, Devyn.  I've tried everything from popsicle sticks in a jar to hand written charts.  But they just didn't stick because a) they weren't visible enough or b) I got too busy to keep updating them.

Through trial and error, we have found that having them VERY visible for everyone is key.  And it has to be something I don't have to create every week. 

One of my favorite projects is with bottle caps and magnets.  So I asked Devyn and she thought it was a great idea to use bottle cap magnets for the chart.  She even helped make them with me.

Bottle Cap Chore Chart

I printed off a bunch of chores on a regular sheet of printer paper.  Cut them out using a quarter for the template. And modge podged them to the bottle caps. We added magnets to the back and stuck them on the fridge.

Bottle Cap Chore Chart

Devyn came up with the great idea to use washi tape as the dividers and popsicle sticks for the titles.

Bottle Cap Chore Chart

The top chores are voluntary and worth $. The bottom are chores that have to be done throughout the week.  When she finishes them they go to the "done' side. This way, we can all see her progress and she knows exactly what is expected of her.

Bottle Cap Chore Chart

It sort of looks like a christmas present with the red washi tape.  Don't you think?

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