August 1, 2013

What's Happening At TJN....

There are so many projects going on around here lately, and I've been sort of MIA. I thought I would give you a peek at what I'm currently working on -- in my free time.

I've been trying hard to finish this ONE dresser (that's been sitting around for a month)...and every time I plan on getting it done, something comes up. Well, tonight I was "for sure" going to finish it. And then guess what happened? As I'm putting on the last of the knobs, I realize I'm two short! Wow what a tard!

But I think it's going to be fantastic. AND, it's already sold.

Of course I found this and another tall matching dresser on craigslist (for a steal). Some people just need to get stuff out of their garage! The tall dresser that came with it is in my craft room. Would you believe that one isn't finished either??

I've also been working on these chicken wire frames. I've got a few people that want them. I've got the one hanging by my back door at my house and everyone that comes over wants one! If I keep giving them away...I'll never make my money back!

Tonight, I don't know what my problem was. But I cut three different lengths out of this wire to fit into that frame and EVERY SINGLE ONE was too small.

Maybe today just wasn't meant for crafts.
But hopefully next week that dresser will be done and I can start on the one in my craft room. 



  1. That dresser re-do is awesome! You're very gifted.


    1. Awe thanks a bunch Meredith :)


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