March 23, 2013

Old Storage Trunk Redo

This month has been a crazy busy month around our house. Between work and school, it’s all I can do to fit in “normal” time for myself and with the family. Not to mention, we were supposed to close on our house yesterday and….well….that didn't happen. It’s been one thing after the other!

I was super excited to share photos of our new house with all of you today too. But it looks like we are closing on April 12th now. Sooooo…..we’ll have to continue to wait. I tell you one thing, I hope everything goes smoothly with closing now because I do NOT want to go through this again with another house. I give total props to realtors because I would be in the nut house if I did real estate for a living!

Anyhow, onto the real reason for this post. My old trunk redo! It’s been my mission to find a nice coffee table for our living room.  I found the perfect piece while surfing Craigslist a couple weeks ago.  Turns out it wasn't a coffee table at all….


This trunk wasn’t so pretty from the start. In fact, it took me two weeks of pondering how to bring it back to life before I did anything with it. It was THAT bad.


I’ll spare you the pictures of the inside. But visualize old wallpaper lining and mold…

The outside wasn’t too bad. But you’ll notice that there are parts missing. I immediately knew what to do with that large hole at the top…


I put a door knob on (actually D did, but what's the difference right? lol) and she was good to go. The knob is my favorite part of this trunk now. Isn’t it great?


I was going to distress this into an antiqued look, but after applying the paint and adding the door knob, I really liked how it looked as-is. What do you think?


The side pulls were in good condition and I liked how they brought out a slightly rustic feel, so I left them original.



And there you have it. We have a unique “new” piece to show off in our living room. The best part? I was able to score the trunk on Craigslist for only $15.


So what went into this piece?

Anne Sloan Paint in Pure White
Home Depot Clear Door Knob
Minwax Polycrylic Clear Coat


Cutesy Crafts


  1. The trunk turned out lovely in white-- that is gutsy, in my book! I have got to get FARTHER outside my comfort zone when I see stuff like THIS! Love the door nob added too- classy!

    Nice job and thanks for sharing :)

    Craft On & dance like no one else is watching :)

    Visiting from Overflowing With Creativity @ It's Overflowing linky party
    Suz @MaytagNMom
    NW Illinois
    My Party Project This Week

    1. haha...yeah, it took me awhile to actually get the project going. But once I started, it turned out great. My comfort issue is antiquing stuff. I get nervous about ruining things lol.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thanks for the idea. I have an old trunk and am redoing the room. I will have to do this. I always enjoy reading your blogs.

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment Bonnie :) I'd love to see the room redo when it's completed!


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love this! I have an old trunk that is on my list of things to paint. I'd love for you to come back to my blog tonight for our weekly link party. Just became a follower.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and inviting me to your party :)

  4. Hey Jessica! Thanks for stopping by Navy Bean Lane today. I am so glad I came over to check you out ... your stuff is so cute and I feel like we have such similar taste! Love it! I'm for sure your newest follower!

  5. Anonymous3/26/2013

    I love it. I've always had a fascination with old trunks. I need to find one and make us a new coffee table. Oh, and the door knob is my favorite part, too! :)

  6. I just love old trunks and this makeover is beautiful ~ nice touch with the glass knob!

  7. I love trunks and this is an awesome Re-Do. I love that you kept the handles original.
    I am your newest follower from the crafty blog stalker blog hop :)

    Justina @

  8. Oh wow...I love it!!! Although, I'm partial to trunks :-) I painted an old trunk that belonged to my grandparents in a metallic silver and love it to pieces!! But I kind of wish mine had a missing part though because I just LOVE the glass doorknob! It's just perfect!

    Here's a link to mine if you're interested...

    Visiting from Elizabeth & Co.

    Rachel :-)

  9. Beautiful!! I really love the glass knob. I recently used that on a hutch redo. Something so classy about glass. Thanks for sharing. I've been enjoying looking around your blog. Lots of great re-dos!

    I would love to have you link up at our link party if you have the time!


  10. Thank you for sharing on Blog Stalking Thursday! I have featured this project on Pinterest as well as my blog on Blog Stalking Thursday Features. I would love for you to stop by and grab a feature button, you deserve it!

  11. Jessica
    Congrats on your features this week! Great project!
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  12. Anonymous12/09/2015

    I have a similar trunk from college. Thought of using the Brass Ager and Darkening Solution by hand paint it on the brass portion. Then painting the flat areas that are not straps nor hardware. Trying to copy the Pottery Barn Redford Trunk. Yours is similar to the Pottery Barn Ludlow dresser. Great job!! and you did it for a phenomenal price to boot!


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